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what achieved the in the uprising of Iraqi freedom

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what achieved the in the uprising of Iraqi freedom


in the name of Almighty Allah 

what achieved the  in the uprising of Iraqi freedom


      I think that the fruit of the revolution of young people in the editing uprising is the restoration of national identity that the  sectarians , corrupt and the Agents  stole . until we lost the hop by its revival  , and they forced many of the homeland's sons  to emigrate from it .         .

leaving their families , their memories and their eyes look down to those behind them . but the brave young people blew up this volcano in the hearts of all the people ; and they wake up this overwhelming energy , they also united all segments of the people under one slogan  which is a free and independent homeland ;who preserves the dignity of his sons and achieves them happiness and prosperity in their present and future .

and we have seen from these young people what is gratifying and dazzling minds . and restore the world to the image of the original Iraq ; the founder of civilizations and a beacon of science and knowledge of all nations . we have touched in them altruism , courage , awareness , sincerity , organizing roles ,demanding rights , rejecting injustice and corruption by peaceful civilized ways . and these qualities do not meet in a nation except God elevated its status and sanctified it . and if this nation weakened , became a lazy ,underestimated and enabled falsehood and corruption so that they will be a humiliated , insulted and deprived of their most basic rights . and this is what the prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him and his family )  told us in Al-Hadith  : "ما قدست امة لاياخذ ضعيفها من قويها حقه غير متعتع  "1


 "God does not sanctify a nation if the weak does take his right from the strong without hesitation "  and this is what I have been calling for since 2005 , when the corruption and the oppression of the authoritarian political parties were exposed . and I was calling for the renaissance of the nation and its awareness of its real demands and the locations of imbalance in its leadership . I call  on the government and the political and military leaders to understand that these young people are the real wealth of the country , because it was these young people who confronted terrorism until they eliminated it .and saved people from that evil ; and these young people are the ones who revived the 40th visit and whitened the face of Iraq to the whole world  ; and we must listen to them , listen to their demands and immediately take action to restore  hope to them .insisting on a policy of repression and violence does not work , but drags the country into the abyss , and you cannot defeat young men who are dying and receiving bullets with naked breasts . and I recommend that young people maintain peaceful demonstrations and preserve public and private property . and do not attack one of the security forces to gain support and sympathy inside and outside Iraq . and being dragged behind the shouts of sabotage driven by hostile agendas loses support and go against you and turn you into aggressors so take attention . and it is time for parties and political blocs to be ashamed ; and apologize to this people ;who came out with all its slides and trade unions and its different sex .


  and rejects their corrupt approach and their utter failure to  run the country and make room for a competent and loyal national generation to take its role in leading the country . and this uprising is more honest than the fraudulent ballot boxes in expressing the will of the people and their choice of representatives ; and if we believe that the Authority came though the ballot boxes , so this uprising robs him of legitimacy because the people are the source of authority and that their will is conditioned at the beginning and throughout the period and if it robbed at any time legitimacy fell on the rulers .

religious Authority ; shekh Mohammed Al-Yacouby _ may Allah protect him - Al-Najaf

1 Rbeaa'' Al-Aoel  1441


1 - taken from the book of wassail Al- shia   120\16       




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