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referendum about the length of the specific visit time of Al-Arbaaen peace be upon you

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referendum about the length of the specific visit time of Al-Arbaaen  peace be upon you

referendum about the length of the specific visit time of Al-Arbaaen

peace be upon you  ;

may Allah reward you will because of the martyrdom of the master of youth of the paradise ... the father of the free Al-Imam Al-Hussain and his family - peace be upon them - :                  

everyone knows the visit of Al-Imam Al-Hussain in Al-Arbaaen is a specific ,but what is happening in such days and because of the huge numbers of the visitors ; the visitors go walking on feet , and they perform the visit ceremonies and not on it specific time ;then they go home  before the visit's real time , they think that they did the visit of Al-Arbaaen , the question is that : what is his eminence's opinion about that ? did it considered absolute visits for Al-Imam or it considered for them as Al-Arbaaen ?                   

May Allah reward you well

by the name of Allah ;

peace be upon you

I do not rule out the possibility of breadth time of the specific visit of  Al-Arbaaen on the twentieth day of the month of safar because the city of Karbala in its current mode cannot sustain the perform of all visitors

 -who exceeds the ten times millions - their rituals of their visit on the day of twentieth of safar ; so extends their time to the last night and subsequent or more .                                                                               

and we mention in  Fiqh Al-Khelaf / the book of Al-Hajj , that the extends of time cannot be longer to another day or more than the specific time for a certain worship ; if there is no time to all of the people who they want to do it - the worship- and we take that from the legitimate text from the impeccable (peace be upon  him )in the permission of the pilgrim's standing on the Ma'asamain - which they are two mountains and there is  a road between them that lead to A'rafat -   or on the mountain and when they are outside the specific  place to stands on Almashear Al-haram if Muzdalafah can not be able to Absorb all of them. and it narrated that he said :" I asked Abu-Abdullah Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him ):if there are too many people and the city cannot be enough for all of them , what can they do ? he _peace be upon him said- they rise to Al-Ma'azamein "     and in another tale " I said if they were a lots of people and the space of the city cannot suit them what did they do ? he _peace be upon him - said they rise to the mountain " and we made this thesis - after stripping of privacy - as a face to  understand the permissible of standing in A'arafah on the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah even if the others in that city did not agree with us when we specify it .

any way ;the well thought by God and the prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - and his family that they accept the excuse for submission and delay . and the excuse is acceptable for the kind people - so how about the most generous Allah ?-adding to above acts are judge by what we meant to accomplish through them . and the one who loves some of the others act he crammed with them and he gets their reward .

sheikh Mohammed Al-Yacoubi 14 Safar

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