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the forty of the appearance of Al-Imam ( the release )...from Ashura to the forty .

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the forty of the appearance of Al-Imam ( the release )...from Ashura to the forty .

      by the Name of Allah ;


the forty of the appearance of Al-Imam ( the release )...from Ashura to the forty .

it is narrated from Al-Imam Al-Saiq ( peace be upon him ) that he says : " when the torment on Israelites takes a long time ... they cry to Allah for forty day so Allah inspired the prophet Moses and Aaron that he will save them from pharaoh so the God shorten the duration  hundred and seventy years  .and you too ; if you do so , may the God liberate us ' and if you were not ;so the matter ends to its finished" 1.

so ; in our hands we have part of the acceleration of the support to helping the greatest Guardian of God ( peace be upon him ) and cause of his main causes and Al-Imam Al-Sadiq ( peace be upon him) calls us to do our responsibilities in the acceleration of their release and their support ; even publishing the guidance , the goodness and the justice among people ; free them of the injustice and aggression . by crying and begged to God to fix what is error in our lives . and if we did not do so ; so the elimination will goes on upon us as and them as it is without changing to the best and we will be the responsible for what is going on them and they ( peace be upon them submissive to Allah's order on any way .

the days of the forty that connected with Al-Imam Al-Hussain ( peace be upon him ) which extended from Ashura to Zearat Al-arbaain _ the visit of the forty - a forty which is really suitable for this crying and




supplication because of the connection between the case of Al-Imam Al-Hussain ( peace be upon him ) and the state of divine justice and it is inspiring for all goodness and a resource of power in the hands of the reformers ; and these calls would be worthy of response because  tens of millions head to visit his holy shrine or his consolation in all of the world ; and all the prayers respondent under his dome ( peace be upon him ) and in his funeral and the meeting of millions with a heart's full of faith ( and a senses that aimed to your worship places obedient and referred to your forgiveness compliant )2

in the holy place and the honorable time to asking for something ; it should take the response and acceptance .

and we should know that moving the tongue with the prayer words is not enough alone , it should paired with the devotion and honesty ;

ching8ing the inside in to the best and determined to reform the individual an social reality as what is mention in the will of the prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him and his family )

: " ask your God Allah in honest and pure intention to succeed you "3.

Mohammed Al-Yacoubi - Al- Najaf

9 Muharam 1441

9 September 2019


1. the interpretation of Ayashi 154 /2 ;49 .

2. phrases of the prayer of Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) Duaa Kumail .

3. from the sermon of the prophet ( peace be upon him  ) on the last Friday of Sha'baan .

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