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Sheikh Al-yaqoubi : "Who ever does good or evil he will see it "

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Sheikh Al-yaqoubi : "Who ever does good or evil he will see it "

Sheikh Al-yaqoubi : "Who ever does good or evil he will see it "

In the Name of Allah ,

Thursday ,July 25 , 2019 AD\CE

25 Dhu Al-Qadah , 1440 - AH

His Eminennce, Religious Authority Sheikh mohammed Al-Yacoubi (may Allah protect him stressed on the need to treat the Qoran as aconstitution and it verses as laws Organizing human life ,it qualified for organizing peoples lives and ensuring their happiness in the world and after life . and His Eminence referred to the interpretation of the God saying : "who ever comes {on the day of judgement} with agood deed will have ten  times the like thereof  -to his credit - and who ever comes with an evil deed will not recompensed except the like thereof , and they will not be wronged " (Al-Anam \160) ; pointing to the mercy  , compassion and divine generosity in dealing with people , so Allah almighty doubles the   good deeds and who ever commits bad deeds Allah punishes him only for what he did which means Allah punishes bad deeds similarly . and even the bad deed that commetted by man is forgiven by Allah Almighty to his servant when he asks for forgiveness and regrets for committing it will erased from his recoed as if it were not there . this came during ameeting his Eminence had in his office in Al-Najaf Al-ashraf with ayouth delegation from  Fatima Al-Zahraa lovers Establishment in Baghdad and he starts the meeting by Recitation of the holy Quran verses , followed by the Establishment speech ; which refer to many divine blessings that Allah gave it to his servants and one of the most important blessing is the existence of religious man and the greatest religious scholars (may Allah protect them) they know the value of the role played by his Eminence sheikh Al-yacoubi (may Allah protect him ). in the distinguish of the negatives and problems on the social , political and economical filed and develop successful solutions for them . and His Eminence emphasize on the necessity of paying attention for every movements , sayings and deeds .

every thing even if it was so small its size registered to Allah , and Allah will Reward his servants for their kindness . Allah said : "so whoever does an atoms weight of good will see it and whoever does an atoms weight of evil will see it " (7\8 Al-Zalzalah)

so human in the day of judgment will be happy for his good deeds and will be shocked by his bad deeds . and the sensible man must be careful in order not to commit asin and never wrong any one in a word or action even if it is so small as atoms weight as in the holy verse mentioned above. and in regard to this , His Eminence criticize some proverbs that circulated by people that pose threat to the system of valuesand behaviors in the Islamic communities , as the famous provreb (do good and throw it in to the sea )

which means do good with out expecting any thing in return .

so the one who deal with that proverb forget Allah saying : "whoever does an atoms weight of good will see it " (7 Al-Zalzalah )

 and ofer looked the rewards and the great penalty which Allah rewards his servants , he thinks that people are rewarded him for his actions and his good deeds while the believer is not wating for any one to reward him he treats people in agood way to be closer to Allah and Ahl Al-Bayt and provet mohammed ,they are our role models and for that Allah said : " we feed you for the sake of Allah alone nore ward  do we desire from you ,nor thanks "

and this verse refers to incident when Ahl-albayt give their food for the orphan , poor and the captive .

and his Eminence mentions in the End of his speech the necessity of the exploitation of youth period to restores astraight life , based on the ideal foundations it deals with Quran and sunnah as its balance , bring to mind the pivotal role of youth in supporting the prophet Mohammed and publishing the call os Islam .

and his eminence explaines the value of Fatima Al-Zahraa lovers Establishment in community service and invest all opportunities in helping every one need any help . and he asks Allah to keep the sucssess for this Establishment and youngs .




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