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(then let them end their Untidiness ) Al-Hajj - the Pilgrimage 29 the loyalty for Ahl AL-Bayt is the fruit of Al- Hajj

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(then let them end their Untidiness ) Al-Hajj - the Pilgrimage 29  the loyalty for Ahl AL-Bayt is the fruit of Al- Hajj

 (then let them end their Untidiness ) Al-Hajj - the Pilgrimage 29

the loyalty for Ahl AL-Bayt is the fruit of Al- Hajj  

language scientists said that the untidiness is the dirt and its removed means removing it from the body , in reference to the case of pilgrims because of their long movement in the holy Rites and the Restrictions that imposed by the Ihraam  and when they end their rites ; everything was banned on them now they can do it . and remove what attached in their body ;and cut their nails and they cut their hair and like this..and they may take this meaning from tales or novels ; with that ,it may be about to clarify some applications or any other .

and it was said that it is not Arabic word and it origin is Hebrew means Constipation ; and then the meaning of the untidiness be the Limitations that impose on the pilgrim which we call ( leaving the forbidden ) and when the pilgrim does it in correctly and completely way until it ends . as Allah saying " فاذا قضيتم مناسككم "  (and when you have completed your rites ) Al -Baqarah _the calf _ 200

which means you Ended it ; and also in "فاذا قضيت الصلاة  (and when the prayer has been concluded ) Al -Jumuah  -the congregation ,  Friday 10

and ; " وقضي الامر  " ( the matter is -then- decided ) 210 Al-Baqarah - the calf

"  موسى الاجل  "  فلما قضى( and when Moses finished the period of time ) and so on ..

And both opinions can be accepted for interpretation ; to be said that in this verse a metaphor because it has stated the required - which is the nails pruning and hair cutting and the use of perfumes and its

 discuss the required which is complete the required Rites to Allows everything that was forbidden and Allowance of all that actions for them ;  that completing what they started from rites of pilgrimage and to get rid of their Ihram who they have committed to it ;and they make it a duty to themselves starting from AL- Ihram and even access to Arafah  and what it includes of a lot of leave ; obedience to Allah  saying ""الحج اشهر معلومات فمن فرض فيهن الحج فلا رفث ولا فسوق ولا جدال في الحج  ( Hajj is -during - well-known months , so who ever has made Hajj obligatory upon himself there in - by entering the state of Ihram - ; there is -to be for him - no sexual relations and no disobedience and no disputing  during Hajj ) Al-Bqarah _ the calf - 200

so the dirtiness is the source verb which it is completion as required  

and the source name means ending the forbidden and removing what stuck in their body because of Ihram during the rites period .

and the novels _ tales or stories - refers to both of the two meanings ; and in "Sahihaa Al -Bezanty " in " Qourb Al-Isnad " and "AL-kafy"  said : I asked Al- Imam Al- Ridha ( peace be upon him ) about the verse he answered me :( the nails clipping and remove the dirt about you and ending Al-Ihram )*2 and like several novels . and the expression explained the Ihram by leaving the sexual relations and Allows what was forbidden about them . getting rid of Ihram by removing the dirtiness ; in a beautiful harmony and a great eloquence.

 and if the pilgrim did the Rites of" Minah " in the day of 10 Dhu- Al-hajjah and throw the"  gamaraa Al- aqabah "  - which is a small stone that the pilgrim throw it towards the devil symbol -  , slaughter the sheep and shave his head and by that he End the Ihram ; and Allows to him every forbidden except the perfume and women ; the first one -the perfume - can be Allowed when the pilgrim by doing " Tawaf Al-hajj " and the women can be available after doing "Tawaf Al-nisaa"  ; so the verse  stressed on cleaning their body (وليوفوا نذورهم ) (let them fulfill their vows ) Al-hajj -the pilgrimage 29

which means to do what they committed to of leaving the forbidden things and Al Hajj rites (وليطوفوا في البيت العتيق )   ) and let them Preform  Tawaf  Around the ancient house ) Al hajj - the pilgrimage 29

which they are the two Tawaf of the women and tawaf of Al hajj .

and that is the surface meaning that a dressed all the people ; and there is another deep meaning for some scientists ; as in " Sahieh tharieh AL-muhariby  "  said that Al - Imam Abo Abed Allah - peace be upon him -  in this verse said (remove the dirt is for meeting Al-Imam )*3 and in " Maani  Alakhbar  " Abdullah bin sinan  narrate that tharieah Almuharibi said : I told Abi Abdullah _ peace be upon him - "  Allah ordered me in his holy book so I  love to do it ; than he said what is that thing ? I said : the god saying (فليقضوا تفثهم وليوفوا نذورهم ) )Then let them end their untidiness , and let them fulfill their vows ) -Al Hajj- the pilgrimage 29 , he said: let them end their dirt to Al -Imam and let them fulfill their vows which means that Rites ;"

Abdullah bin sinan said so I went to Abu Abed Allah - peace be upon him - and I told him I wish to be a ransom to you ; what about the God saying (then let them end their untidiness and let them fulfill their vows ) he reply : cutting some of the beard and the hair and Trim the Nails Etc. and I said : that Tharieah Al- muharibi  told me about you that you said (and let them end their untidiness ) is it that Rites ? he -peace be upon him - reply : that is a True ; the holy Koran Has deep meaning and surface meaning ; also both of them are right .*4 and that interpretation exactly Applied with the reason of Hajj and the wanted benefits from it which the verse refers to (ليشهدوا منافع لهم ) (that they may witness benefits for themselves ) AL-Hajj 29

and the spiritual benefits is better than the material ones ; which is achieved by the meeting with the Imam of all the people ; and the leader of its blessing movement ; and take advantage from him in that spiritual atmosphere that is pure and far away from the capitals of power and politics that is malicious and wily ; to purify themselves from dirt and the spiritual diseases and get ready for a new life ; that is pure from the sediment of the past as what the noble  Ahadeeth - the tale or novels - promise .   

and there is a tale about Al-Imam Al-Ridhah (peace be upon him ) ; he show's in it the advantage of Hajj and the wisdom in its legislation and its being as the meeting with Al-Imam to get more knowledge with regard to religion -or in another word doctrine - and transfer its ideology for everybody in the Earth

, and ( peace be upon him ) said : "Allah commanded people to Al- Hajj perhaps ;going to the God and asking him for more and leaving all what the slave has committed repentant from what did they do ; appellant what is coming " until he said " with what it contains of Jurisprudence and transfer Al-Aaema 's news ( peace be upon them ) to everywhere as the God saying (فلولا نفر من كل فرقة منهم طائفة ليتفقهوا في الدين ولينذروا قومهم اذا رجعوا اليهم لعلهم يحذرون )  

(and it is not for the believers to go forth - to the battle - all at once , for there should separate from every division of them a group - remaining - to obtain understanding in the religion and warn their people when they return to them that they might be cautious ) Al-Tawbah - the repentance 122 * 5 .

so Al-Imam Al-baqer expressing his pain because of the neglect of people for this fact .; and it narrated in AL-Kafi that Abi Obaiedah Al-hathaa said : I heard Aba Jaffar ( peace be upon them ) while he had watched the people in Makah and what did they do ; and he said "they does actions as what they was doing in -Al jahilea - that period before Islam the( Ignorance period ) ; and I swear to God that Allah did not ordered them by that he just ordered them to end their untidiness and to fulfill their vows and came to us and told us that their loyalty is for us and offers us their support  " *6 ; so Al-Hajj 's meaning will not completed and its purpose is achieved until it Associated with showing the loyalty to Ahl Al-bayt (peace be upon them ) and bring its meaning . and doing our Duties Towards them as pray for them and publishing of their virtues .

present to them the good deeds that we do ;and pray for their followers and so on . and its narrated about Al-Imam Al-baqer (peace be upon him ) said : the plenitude of Al-Hajj is meeting Al-Imam ) *7 . and the pilgrim should feel in his Loyalty for the Masomeen - people without wrong - in all of the pilgrimage rites

. and Remember in Al-Ihram of leaving whatever Impedes Al-Imam's obedience and the connection with him ,and work with his Order ,and standing between his hands ,and pursuit Toward Al-Imam ; and sacrifice for the sake of his victory , and to the sake of the success of his divine project . and reject all of the wanton people and the politicians that investiture themselves as if they were Aemah and a leaders for the people with outright ; so Al-Imamah is a system and other axis of the obedience .

and it narrated in Al-kafy in many ways ; that Abi Jafar ( peace upon him ) said :  " al Islam was built on five things : Al-Sala ( the prayer )  AL-zakaa  ,Al- saowm , Al-Hajj , and Al- welaya . and it had never call for Something as the call for Al-welaya and the people takes this four and they leave Al-welaya .*8  and in Saheh Zaararah added " I said and which thing is better ? , he said Al-welaya is the better because it is the key for the other", and he said about it  : " the climax of everything , its hump ,its keys , the door for everything and the Satisfaction of the merciful Allah is the obedience for Al-Imam after knowing him .so the moral secrets for AL-Hajj  and all of the

worship can never be known just if there is Imam's loyalty ( peace upon him ) and the human enfranchisement and giving him his dignity can never found only by Imam's hands and by his leading and after him his representative .

 the value of Al-Hajj that is Acquired by human do not achieved completely by the  physical movement between the Holy Rites but it is contingent with how much he knows Al-Imam and his following to him ;it can be increase or decreases to the level of zero .     and about these insolvent Al-Imam  (peace be upon him )  said : " did you see those who they do the Talbeah _ saying to beck God to beck - I swear to God that their voices are more unwillingly to God  more than  the Donkeys voice ) *9.

and Al-Imam Al-Baqer mention the reason in his Sahehah Al- fathel when he looked at the people roaming around the Kaaba and he ( peace be upon him ) said : " so like that they were roaming in the ignorance period ; but God commanded them to roam around Kaaba and then come to us and tell us that they are loyal to us and love us and offer us their support".then he read this verse :(فاجعل افئدة من الناس تهوي اليهم ) ) (so make hearts among the people incline toward them ) Ibrahim -Abraham -37 ; and in Aayashie's interpretation upon this verse , that Al-Imam Al-Baqer ( peace be upon him ) said : "people should pilgrimages this House and magnify its Affair because the God makes it great like that ; and to meet us - we are the Guide to Allah*11. and that formal Pilgrimage without a real purpose is what they reap because of they were far away from the right Imam  .

in Al-fatheil ; Al-Imam Al-Baqer ( peace be upon him ) said : "who die without having Imam , he dies in Ignorance die , and people will not be excuse until they know their Imam " *12. and Makah gets the honor for Embrace Al-Masoum ; so the God swears by it as Restricted with his existence ((لااقسم بهذا البلد وانت حل في هذا البلد  

(I swear by this city ;Mecca -and you are free of restriction in this city)

Al-Balad -the city 1-2 . and because of Allah's kindness of his slaves is the existence of Al-Masoum (peace be upon him ) by himself in the Hajj season every year to keep the Rites having its spiritual values and to make the pilgrim take the blessing of his existence .it was narrated that Aubaid Ibn Zararah said :" I heard Abu Abdullah (peace be upon him ) said : " the people lose their Imam and when they were in Al -Hajj season he see them but they do not see him ".

and in the book named Ikmal Al-Deen  ; the second ambassador Mohammed Ibn Othman Al-Omary said : " I heard him said : I swear to God that Al-Imam comes in the season every year ; and he watches the people and he know them , and they see him without knowing him ; and for that Al-Imam AL-Sajad stand in front of the despot Yazeed and he says in a very clear way that (I am the son of Mecca and Minah , I am the son of Zamzam And Al-Safa .) *14 which means I am the owner of these blessing places and the real Successor for this places and the natural son for the leaders of Mecca form the Hebron Ibrahim until the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his Family ) so I am the one who deserve leading the people and the politic which belonging to the slaves and the country .

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