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Encourage the Faithful in different countries to visit AL -Najaf in Al- Ghadeer's day

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Encourage the Faithful in different countries to visit AL -Najaf in Al- Ghadeer's day

By the Name of God ,

Encourage the Faithful in different countries to visit AL -Najaf in Al- Ghadeer's day .

we encourage the faithful men and women to visit Al-Imam Ali

 ( peace be upon him ) in Al-Najaf in Eid Al-Ghadeer 's day as a respond on Al-Imams call ( peace be upon them ) according to Al-Imam Al-Redhah's tongue ( peace be upon him ) when he said to one of his close friends : " O Abi Naser wherever you were keep visiting Al- Ghadeers day near the prince of faithful Al-Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ).so Allah is forgiven for every man and women who is believer and Muslim  the sins of sixty years ago , and freed from fire as double number that they were freed in Ramadhan , the night of Al-qader and the night of Eid Al-fetr . and the spending of one Dirham is Equivalent to thousand Dirham " 1

and the invitation in a very clear way _ wherever you were _ it is absolute invitation that directed to everyone in the east and the west on the Earth without any exception just the one who have  a real excuse and he can go to visit in another time .

and that day deserves all the interest because it the day of the complete the religious and the complete of the grace in the text in Al-Quran ( اليوم اكملت لكم دينكم واتممت عليكم نعمتي ورضيت لكم الاسلام دينا )

(this day I have perfected for you your religion and completed my favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion ) Al-Maidah _ the table - 3






so the religion is completed and the favor is done by constitute Ali Ibn Abi Talip (peace be upon him ) as a Successor for the messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him and his family ) and A prince of the faithful and after him his infallible sons ( peace be upon them  )

and it is not a strange to considered it as the greatest Eid in Al-Islam ; and in the previous novel said that AL-Imam Al-Redhah ( peace be upon them ) said : " the day of Al-Ghadeer in the sky is more famous than in the Earth "

the prophet Mohammed and the Infallible ( peace be upon them )

feel in happiness when they watch the great crowd near Al-Imam Ali's (peace be upon him )Grave in AL-Ghadeer to draw the attention of the hole world to that huge Matter that identified the Future of the people and selected their way in that important historical chapter ; so that people are not lost in the absence of their prophet ( peace be upon him ) as the other people when they get lost and veered .

and the presence of millions of people in the 40th visit is highlighted the issue of Al-Imam Al-Hussain  ( peace be upon him )

and that makes people from different religions to ask and recognize this strange phenomenon but the press of the enemy he managed to turn it into a crying and grief event for the murder of the prophet 's grandson ( peace be upon him ) and disowned yazid people did dot benefit from the full blessed fruit . if such congestion occurred on the day of Al-Ghadeer - even if it will in the next years - it will aroused the attention to this matter this would be a victory for the messenger of Allah ;




 and that is a respond to those who say he is die without leaving any successor after him and this is against wisdom,  and let us show to the world what is really happened and that is the millions of people crowd is lifted the oppression of Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) and showed his right and uphold the mention of AhlAl-bayt ( peace be upon them )  and that will be introduction to the blessed emergence ; and Al-Imam Al-mahdi will welcomed the visitors that they loyal to Ahl- Al-bayt and who prays to God to them in every Good things . so do not lose that precious opportunity and record your names with the one who insists the God and his Messenger and the prince of faithful and makes them happy ( peace be  upon them )

and we ask every rich one and the owners of Al - Mawakep to provide food , servant , logistic support and transfer for the visitors .

Q : some believers that cannot coming because they wants to fasting that day because it is holy day and traveling is ends the fast so we show here that the visit is more important than fasting ; and the visitor can leaves everything that leads to end the fasting during his travel and renew his will in fasting when he back to his family even a moment before the sun set; because the un duty fasting not required to be present in his country at the noon because his will is to the sun set .

Mohammed Al-Yacoubi - Al-Najaf

16 Dhu Al-huga 1440


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