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The referential authority Al-Yaqoubi has confirmed on knowledge the right of Islam religion grace and leadership of the Family (PBUT)

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The referential authority Al-Yaqoubi has confirmed on knowledge the right of Islam religion grace and leadership of the Family (PBUT)

In the name of Allah

The referential authority Al-Yaqoubi has confirmed on knowledge the right of Islam religion grace and leadership of the Family (PBUT) and he calls people for it  in order to keep the originality of Islamic identity.

Sat. 26 Jamadi Alouala 1440 

31 January 2019

His excellency the referential authority Al-Yaqoubi (May Allah protect him) has received a number of European of converter living in Germany at his office in Najaf Ashraf, after welcoming guests in the atmosphere of infallible Imams (PBUT) and wishing more success to them, his excellency (May Allah protect him) give a speech refers to many issues as below:

1- knowledge and consciousness of greatness of what Allah Almighty has blessed us of guidance of Islam religion and leadership of the Family (PBUT), it was from the best and great graces which Allah Almighty will ask us about performance of its right, respect and thankfulness in that day “Then, on that Day, you will be questioned about the Bliss” (Altakathur chapter, verse-8) his excellency gives an example about a narration of Mosa Bin Ja’afer (PBUH) outlining the greatness of the family (PBUT) which could not be any cost towards it whatever it was great, then he has addressed the attendants by saying: 

“I think everyone of you if he has been given that cost mentioned in the narration, he would not abandon the leadership of the Family (PBUT), then the attendants were activated with that turning and some of the cried.

2- Turning to the rights of that grace, and the first thing is by word and heart thankfulness – by tongue and feelings - and with practical way by following their background and committing with their teachings, speak publish about it and call people for it, Allah Almighty says:” but proclaim the blessings of your Lord” (Aldhuha chapter, verse-11).

3- Of Course this point is a branch from the above one, talking about that grace and call people for it required knowing it, and knowing their background, morale, science and acknowledge (PBUT), and some time must be allocated to that, Imams (PBUT) argue their followers to understand the religion and knowing shari’a rules and make as a religious duty upon every Muslim, related to this context his excellency mentioned a following narration:

Abu Alsalt Alharawi said “I heard Aba Alhassan Alridha (PUBH) says: May Allah blessed slave who revive our case, then I said: how he will revive your case? Said “by learning our sciences and teach them to people, if they know our speech benefits, they would follow us “[2], and his excellency (May Allah protect him) has recommended all expatriate believes a set of practical recommendations: 

First: Compliance with applicable laws in the country which they live in, it has legislated to keep interests of the people and state and should not be compromised, with consideration not falling in any sin.

Second: Seeking for obtaining excellence in all fields of science, work, morale and behavior in order to be real ambassadors for Islam and Muslims and effective advocates by your acts before your saying for others and related to that, there is a narration for Imam Abi Abdullah (PBUH) “Not from us and has no dignity whoever lives in a city of one hundred people or more, and there was one better from him in worship).

Third: live together and close each other and establish compounds, build mosques and Husaynyiah, and Islamic centers establishments to revive religions services and holding collective and Juma’ah prayers and with that you will keep your identity, culture, religion and your morale, but if you divided into uncommitted societies, it leads to assimilation the religion and morale albeit on the range of next generation, be careful of that.

And at the end of his speech, his excellency (may Allah protect him) has urged the guests to invest the fields of challenge which they live in them to work for keep the Islamic identity and highlighting its milestones, existing challenges and pressers rise the eagerness and motivate enthusiasm of work and fruitful activity.


 [1] Shiekh Altousi (May Allah mercy him) through his authority Alamaly narrated of Imam Hadi (PBUH) from his fathers from Mosa Bin Ja’afar (PBUT) said: “A person came to his father Imam Sadiq (PBUH) and complain to him poverty then Imam (PBUH) denied that he is a poor man and that man swore that he is a poor man, Imam (PBUH) said “ Tell me if I give you one hundred dinar instead of declaration of us -dinar equals a weight of gold- would you take it? That’s mean declare of our leadership by that cost? Said: no, -Imam (PBUH) began increasing the amount of money – till Imam (PBUH) reach to thousands of dinars and the man swears he could not do that, then (PBUH) said: who has a commodity and to be given that money and he never sell it, is not poor.

[2]- Ma’ani Alakhbar: 180

[3]- Wesa’el Alshi’a: j 15/ p 245

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