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Third Characteristic

Among the characteristics of Jahillyyah are unveiling, making up, showing charms, profligacy and circulation of scandal. In this regard, the Holy Qur'an saya, "And do not display your finery like the displaying of the Jahiliyyah of yore. 33/33"

Unfortunately, the present community has overtopped all the past nations in matters of profligacy, libertinism and giving variety to seduction, misleading and trapping in dissolution in addition to exploiting all the modern potential for circulating decadence.

In the past, the people of Quraysh decided unlawfulness of circumambulating the Holy House (Ka'bah) putting on one's clothes, claiming that since one has committed sins while putting such clothes, he \ she must circumambulate the Holy House putting on new clothes bought from the city of Makkah or naked! On account of this, a man or a woman who could not find new clothes had to circumambulate the Holy House naked!

Similarly, the modern fans of Satan, in addition to the establishment of cabarets of dissolution and lechery, have invented new methods of circulating decadence with new titles, such as sports that have become no less licentious than nightclubs and cabarets; rather such cabarets are in fact less harmful than these clubs of sports, since dissoluteness in nightclubs are practiced furtively as they are rebuffed by everybody and thus those who frequent there are attempting to hide themselves so that the dishonor of visiting such places will not be ascribed to them. On the other hand, the acts of profligacy that are practiced under the title of sports are acted openly and proudly and are  blessed by everybody. Those have been the most amusing plaything for Satan who can direct them anywhere he pleases.

The same thing can be said about the other titles, such as beauty queens, fashion houses and arts while all these are in reality titles of recklessness, impudence and indecency that are covered by socially acceptable wrappings and none can be saved from the traps of such trickeries except those who Almighty Allah protects. The goal of all these inventions is the same; it is to cause humanity to experience animalistic savagery, sexual chaos and the fire of the flaming lusts.


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