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In my conception, the hawzah's students, supervisors, orators and scholars are more responsible that any other social class for recovering the spirit of the Holy Qur'an to the society. Generally, a society is righteous when the Hawzah is righteous and is indecent when the Hawzah is indecent, God forbid. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "My ummah is righteous when two categories of people are righteous and is indecent when these two are such. These are the scholars of the religion and the rulers." [1]

In one of my books, [2] I have written down that it is terribly sorrowful that the. Holy Qur'an is missing in the curricula of the Hawzah whose studies have been unfortunately arranged in a form according to which a student does not require deep penetration in the Holy Qur'an throughout his readings in the Hawzah. Yet, he needs the Holy Qur'an only when he wants to present the evidences on a grammarian rule, a jurisprudential thesis or a religious question. Hence, the Holy Qur'an has been taken as stage for the rational investigation rather than nurture for hearts and spirits and remedy for souls. It happens that a student of the Hawzah attains a higher rank in jurisprudence and its principles while he has never lived through the atmosphere of the Holy Qur'an and has not gone through the experience of activation and comprehension of the Holy Qur'an as a message of mental reformation. Hence, long days and weeks may elapse before a student of the Hawzah skims over the pages of the Holy Qur'an to recite and ponder over its verses because of the nonexistence of a deep spiritual tie between such a student and the Holy Qur'an. If truth be told, had such a student found in the Holy Qur'an his provisions and requirements, he could not have neglected it This is of course a great catastrophe for both the Hawzah and the society. Moreover, some students of the Hawzah may not be able to recite the Holy Qur'an correctly.

Because the chief mission of the Hawzah is to reform the society and take the people nearer towards Almighty Allah, its first mission must be the understanding of the Holy Qur'an and the working for applying its instructions to the society. The ummah will never attain prosperity unless the Muslims adhere to, seek the guidance of and benefit from the light of the Holy Qur'an. This fact is mentioned in the famous Hadith of Thaqalayn (the two weighty things) that reads: "I am leaving for you the two weighty (precious) things that you shall never go astray if you adhere to; these are the Holy Book of Allah and my Household—my Ahl al-Bayt." [3]

[1] Shaykh al-SadUq: al-Khisal H. 12.

[2] Namely, 'Recommendations and Advices to the Orators and Students of the Hawzah

[3] A1-Hurr al-'Amiliy: Wasai1 al-Shi'ah 18:19.


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