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The abovementioned encouragements on the return to the Holy Qur'an and the living under its shadow are adequately enough. The exorbitance of the loss that has been suffered by the Muslim community due to their abandonment of the Holy Qur'an is now obvious. Let us now return to the Holy Qur'an with repentance and regret asking it to lead us again to the path that takes to Almighty Allah and, in the same time, let us think of a way to take out this honorable Book from its isolation that we have imposed upon it and to reactivate its role in the society.

One may think that the Holy Qur'an is now activated and applied to the lives of the Muslims through the many sessions of teaching, memorizing and reciting it in addition to explaining the rules of its reading and writing.

Although these matters are not irrelevant, they represent the peel of the issue while the most important is the marrow. Pronunciation is only the container that conveys the meaning, the shell that preserves it and the tools that moves it to the mentalities, while the meaning is the core of the issue. It is naturally insufficient to observe the shells and disregard the marrow. It is now clear that what is required is to recover the spirit, connotations, significances, thoughts and concepts of the Holy Qur'an. Undoubtedly, the first step in this course will be the observance of the way of its recitation, the learning of the meanings of its words and expressions and the applications of the Arabic phonetics to it.

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