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Summary on the Opinion of Rebellion against the Authority

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Summary on the Opinion of Rebellion against the Authority:

Based on the above, we conclude that stopping the unjust ruler from oppression and aggression, in addition to monopoly and confiscation of rights and freedoms and judging with other than what Allah revealed as well as committing sins, heresy and corruption in public and the like might be in several ways, according to the ranks of implementing the duty [of ordering and forbidding]. This can indeed reach the limit of rebellion if it should be, according to the previously elaborated conditions (Page: 362). This can be evidenced through the following:

1-  The several specific narrations.

2-  Generalizations from verses and narrations indicating the necessity of establishing the right and eradicating the wrong and changing by actions [by hand] in addition to defending and supporting the disempowered.

3-  The actions from the biography of Imam Husayn (P) when he conducted the rebellion.

I have previously expressed by my saying (maybe) that it is permissible opposite to the delusion of the taboo that some imposed on the basis of a number of narrations that will be discussed. Otherwise, this rebellion might be a duty if it is the only way to establish the right and eradicating the wrong, and if there were no obstacle against it, according to what the scholar who meets the conditions decides.


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