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Imam’s Abstention from Supporting the Openly Armed Rebellions

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Imam’s Abstention from Supporting the Openly Armed Rebellions:

Nevertheless, the Imam (P) was cautious against directly forming ties with the people who publicly revolted against the authority. Moreover, there are narrations supporting the stances that some of his companions took. These companions are like Zurarah and Mu’min al-Taq.([1]) Both have abstained from responding to the call of Zaid to participate in the revolt with him. We can conclude several advantages of this stance:

1-  It came in order not to grant the authority an excuse to condemn the Imam and assassinate him before he performs his blessed role.

2-  Because his function and the function of his companions, who were scholars, was to solidify the existence of the School of Thought of the Prophet’s Household and expand its reach, in addition to establishing a good group of believers in theproject of the Imam (P). They did not actually want to accomplish temporary unsustainable achievements.

3-  Perhaps the lack of enthusiasm of Imams (P) towards the armed revolutions and their abstention from the open support to those in revolt was to protect the base of believers in the approach of Imam (P) and preserving them against acts of exclusion. If the Imam had issued a public endorsement, large numbers would have enrolled in those acts of armed rebellion. The Imam sufficed with unsatisfied deprived people or angry rebels. Therefore, Imam (P) said, “I am still and my followers safe”. In such a position, he wants his base that is loyal to his project to be far from armed conflict with the authority as their jobs are the most important as mentioned earlier.

4-  Some narrations convey a notion that the Imam’s abstentionfrom supporting the revolt was for suspicions around the intentions of some of the rebels. These had wrong misconceptions about the Imamate. There is the true narration of al-Ais Ibn al-Qassem that he narrated in Ihtijaj. He said, “Imam Sadek (P) was told, a man of you, the Prophet’s household, revolts and kills and many people are killed with him. Imam was silent for long and said, “They have liars among them, and in others, there are ones who falsely deny [the Imamate]([2]).




([1]) The narrations will be mentioned in (page 376) of the original publication.

([2]) Ihtijaj: 2/120.

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