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Revolting against the Authority

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On the Levels of Eradicating the Wrong Practiced by the Household of the Prophet (P) regarding the usurpation of the Caliphate from them:


 Revolting against the Authority:

Level Five: Revolting against the authority:

Imams led the opposition, to use today’s terminology, against the authority to perform the duty of establishing the right and eradicating the wrong. They used all available methods including revolting against the authority when that was the stipulation to:

1-  Being imperative to comply with it. This means that eradicating the wrong is only performed through this means according to the levels of establishment of the right and eradication of the wrong.

2-  The prerequisites would be ready. Allah says, {And prepare against them whatever you are able of power}(Anfal:60). This includes the moral and material powers of all forms and levels.

3-  Being in line with the higher interests of religion and society. The rationale to revolt might be existent; however, such an act would leave severe impact and consequences that would be more harmful. These include sedition, disruption of public order, and loss of control, etc.

4-  Having an integrated project that invests the results of that movement, not theoretically though, since this project is available to the Imams (P) due to what Allah taught them. Scholars who meet the conditions may deduce the rules and laws from sources. It is rather on the practical level. In other words having qualified people to perform this integrated divine project and implementing it in reality.


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