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Our Lady Alzahra’a (PBUH) has called to return to Allah Almighty and obedience him

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Our Lady Alzahra’a (PBUH) has called to return to Allah Almighty and obedience him

In the Name of Allah

“And incline towards your Lord and submit to Him, before the punishment comes you and then you may not be helped.” Al-Zummar (Throngs) 54

Our Lady Alzahra’a (PBUH) has called to return to Allah Almighty and obedience him (1).

It is a will from your Lord I give it to you from His great message to people, I mean the Holy Qur’an which it is full of admonition because it is guidance, goodness and heart life, and admonition is an important tool, among these holy verses in Al-Zummar chapter which is full of these admonitions and it is warning from bad deed consequence, and the will includes two movements:

First: Allah Almighty says (get back) it means return from your sins and mistakes and change your life which is far away from Allah Almighty and never deceive by lusts, greediness, and decorations of this life, all of that is removed illusions, get back (to your Lord), choosing this type is remembrance of lordship description, care, education and growing up from world to world and from case to case. And the door of repentance and turning to Allah Almighty is open for everyone whatever his sin is great, so the former verse has told that reality in order to open the door wide before everyone "Say: "O creatures of Allah, those of you who have acted against your own interests should not be disheartened of the mercy of Allah. Surely God forgives all sins. He is all-forgiving and all-merciful". Al-Zummar (Throngs), 53 so that returning and repentance is the first as it is cleared to the next one.

Second: "so be obedient to Him." it means obey your lord and abide to his rules and never make for anyone a share in your hearts neither effect for anyone in your deeds weather that one who you obey and follow it is your egoism whims and cupidity or your social or tribal traditions or embodiments that you follow or groups and parities which you belong to it etc.

These two steps insure happiness, win and deliverance to you from torture of disobedience of Allah Almighty and contumacy on His obedience and getting far away from his religion, so, take an initiative to it right now and at this moment, because the future is not ensured, and death comes suddenly and no one knows its time but Allah Almighty, "or that punishment will not fall upon you" because the human if does not interest his affair and not return to his Lord, he would judge himself by misery and unhappiness, and when he dies he shut the door of world on himself, and will be barred from a lot of opportunities that Allah Almighty gives him. "before the Penalty comes on you" You will be never helped with nothing whatever you dedicated yourselves for it, like money, children, position and fame or followers etc. "and see the torment all ties between them shall be severed,Al -Baqara 166 (The Heifer) the regret is useless and hoping and returning "The sinner will then bite his hand and say: "Would that I had taken the road with the Prophet." Al-Forqan 27The Criterion.

From prophet’s (All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) will to Abi-Ther (May Allah be pleased with him)

 “Oh, Aba-Thar: Obtain five before five: your youth before your old, your health before your disease, your richness before your poor, your leisure before your work and your life before your death”(2) and from Ameer of believer’s (PBUH) speech as an initiative for repentance and good  deed says: “Oh, people, just now you are free from shackles – it means life and the opportunity of work still exist – and the light is lightened and the door of repentance is open before the pen will be dried and the papers will be folded, no provision will come down, no deed will be raised the race is today and the competition is tomorrow and you never know it is goes to the paradise or hell and ask Allah to forgive you and me”(3), the holy verse stated what the former verse said: " Follow the best of what has been revealed to you by your Lord" Az-Zummar (Throngs) 55, it is this great Qur’an which has statement for everything, so you have to work with it, consider its meaning and make it as a guide and conductor, but our minds still unable to understand its details, then the speech of infallible (PBUT) to state it. And a request of initiative, quick and seize the opportunity before it is too late “before the punishment overtakes you suddenly and you are caught unawares” Az-Zummar (Throngs) 55because the door of repentance might be close "But then their affirming served them nothing after they had seen Our torment. This is the law of Allah that has prevailed among His creatures” Ghafir (Forgiver)85 then at that time sorrow , regret and grief are useless, because the truth has been stated by Allah Almighty for people and he warm them from it, so they have no excuse " Lest a soul should say: "Alas, I was heedless of Allah” Az-Zummar (Throngs) 56 whatever related to Allah Almighty from religion, infallible and guide leaders and will be regretted of belittlement and mock about all that “and only laughed” Az-Zummar (Throngs) 56, he was mocking whoever calls for Allah Almighty and mock with his speech and accused that call by kinds of disgusting descriptions, and when you ask them to establish Shari’a of Allah Almighty and commit by it laws they protest you and described it as a backwardness and reactionary or the time is not suitable to apply it, notice that with me this view for them in the judgment day " If you should see them when they are stood before the Fire, they will say: "Ah would that we were sent back (to the world)! We shall not deny the signs of our Lord, and be among those who believe."  Al-An’an (Livestock) 27, So every protesting from Shari’a and avoiding it and from work on it is neglecting from the right of Allah, and every denying of prophecy of the prophet (PBUH) and Imamat of generous infallible is neglecting of the right of Allah, in Al-kafi book through his own authority Musa Bin Ja’afar (PBUT) The right of Allah is Ameer of believers(4) (PBUH) says: “ I am the eye of Allah, I am the right of Allah, I am the hand of Allah and I am the door of Allah”(5) and from Imam Sadiq (PBUH) says: “I am a tree of the right of Allah, whoever would reached it, Allah will reach to him”(6) and in Almanagib book through his own authority Abi-thar in piece of news from the prophet (All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him  and his family): Oh, Abi-thar blind atheist will be brought before me in judgment day, and he can’t walk in the blackness of the judgment day calls with loud voice " Alas, I was heedless of Allah" Az-Zummar (Throngs) 56 and there is a ring of fire in his neck”(7)

Therefore Allah Almighty always calls us to remember these facts as we are in this world we can handle from the prophet (All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him  and his family) contains: you should increase remembering the death, if you were adversity he make it wider for you, then you would accepted, he awarded you, and if you were in rich he make it hateful to you and you would generous of it – it means you spend something from it – then you would be rewarded, but the death stops the hope and nights approach the death, and when the soul of one goes out and reach the his tomb, he will see a reward of what he has did and a little of richness what has left, and it might be from untrue things that he collected and from right he banned it)(8).

These holy verses have a great law to reform the society be opening the return door to the right way and emerging in the society from the beginning whatever his wrong it great, because a lot of people who commit such wrongs they lost hope and they think the door of repentance is closed against their faces, so the commit suicide to get rid of remorse or push themselves more towards crime to silence the voice of conscience and make it die, whatever Allah Almighty wants from the humans is confessing the wrong thing that they did and return to Allah Almighty obedience, then Allah will accept them and abolish what already they did.

Oh, Partisan Believers for Truthful Fatima Alzahra’a (PBUH)

Our Lady Fatima Alzahra’a (PBUH) through her uprising wants to get back the nation to rationality and really to work with that will from her Lord, because they committed a great sin by turn on their heels against their prophet and disobey their leader and they founded wrong corrupted line and became far away from the right whatever more times passes, consider her saying (PBUH): “How about you " Why then do they vacillate?” and the book of Allah at your hands, its affairs are appeared, its ruled luminous, its sings are amazing, its rebukes are obvious, and its orders are clear, and you have left behind your backs, do you want it? Or by something else you rule?" And whoever seeks a way other than submission to Allah, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the world to come" Ali-Imran (Family of Imran)85 Do they seek a judgement of the days of pagan ignorance? But who could be a better judge than Allah for those who are firm in their faith?” Do you know?(9)  and she remember the nation of returning to Allah Almighty and believe it achieved by obey the leader which Allah has posed his obedience, (PBUH) said : “By Allah I swear if they left the right to its people and they followed his family, two people would not  differ  from Allah, and ancestor inherit it to ancestor and generation to generation, even our ninth Salvatore will rise from children of Husain (PBUH), but they proceeded who Allah made him delayed and make delayed who Allah proceeded, even they apostatize the messenger -i.e they buried they prophet (All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him  and his family) and they put him in the tomb, then they chose by their lust and they work by their point of views, damn to them! They do not hear Allah says?” Your Lord creates what He wills and chooses. The good is not for them to choose” Al-Qasas (History) 68, they heard but they as Allah Almighty said: “It is not the eyes alone that do not see, oblivious are the hearts within their breasts”. AL-haj (The Pilgrimage), how impossible, they put their hopes in this world and they forgot their death, they will suffer misfortunes, and their deeds will be rendered ineffective in Allah I seek, oh my Lord from decreasing after increasing. (10)

Loving Fatima, loyalty to her and asking her intercession can not be with what the society inclined into corruptions, aberrance  and adornment which is reached to unreasonable ranges of financial corruptions turns to public culture which lead to distortion of state organization including important services like health, education, Judiciary, and security and from traffic trade and addiction reaching to adulterous and fornication parties and the suspected relationship between sexes that lead to many divorce and suicide cases, also question in stable real beliefs, but mocking with it, and there is a call for abandon it, and became publicly and shyness, and no consideration of sacred and holiness of society.

Could we obtain Al-Zahra’s (PBUH) intercession and made ourselves from her people who will be picked by her in the judgement day in order to give them and aberrance, and actually see all the injustice aberrance and never move enough to face it, Al-Tousi narrated in his session through his authority said: “Its been said that believing eye has no right to see Allah disobeyed, and make a ultraism unless it changed it”(11), so (PBUH) has made an criteria for whom Fatima’s Shia title, and she (PBUH) said: “If you work whatever we ordered and rebuke you from it, you would be from our Shia”)(12)

So, Allah Almighty awaken his slave believers, especially the aware prophetic working elite to defend about poor and oppressed who are they have no power or strength save in Allah and calls them to move in order to save their brothers who they are weak in the belief and creed and ignorant of Sharia rules, then they rise doubt and distrust and teach them religious rules and acquaint with background of infallible (PBUT) and their morale, and teaching and change the injustice in corruption, Allah Almighty says: “So let there be a body among you who may call to the good, enjoin what is esteemed and forbid what is odious. They are those who will be successful” Ali Imran (Family of Imran)104 , also awaken them to push injustice, deprivation and oppression from believers who have no power or strength save in Allah, then they ask their brothers help” What has come upon you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and for the oppressed, men, women and children, who pray: "Get us out of this city, O Lord, whose people are oppressors; so send us a friend by Your will, and send us a helper." Al-Nisa’ Women75 , and denies in holy hadith the dilatory: from these dues as hadith of Imam Baqir and Sadiq (PBUT): “ Woe to the people who are not profess Allah who are enjoining right and forbidding wrong”(12) and from Imam Baqir (PBUH) said: “What an people disgrace the enjoining right and forbidding wrong”14, and narrated from Imam Reda (PBUH) from his grandfathers the prophet of Allah (All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him  and his family): “If my nation depend each other and they leave his religious duty, the enjoining right and forbidding wrong, then be certain of war with Allah”(13)

Brothers and sisters:

Therefore, we actually have to survive the Fatima bravery in our souls, and obtain intention and power from Fatima uprising in order to move towards all areas and by affecting, constructive and active means to work what the holy verse ordered us to perform the dutifulness, combat, corruption, aberrance, error, injustice like prophet and Imams (PBUT).



(1)                 The Fatimy annual speech addressed by His Excellency the clerical leader Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi (May Allah protect him) at Thawrat Aleshreen square in Alnajaf Alashraf before launching nominal funeral in the memory the martyrdom of pure truthful Fatima Alzahra’a (PBUH) at Saturday on 3 Hamadi Aloula 1440 coincident with 6/2/2019.

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