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Let the West Take Example of the Unrest in France

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Let the West Take Example of the Unrest in France


His Eminence Sheikh Al-Yaqoubi has called on the West to take lessons and examples from the disturbances taking place in France for more than three weeks . The government is forced to declare a state of emergency ; the French people has concerns and feels it is a state of war .

These incidents have revealed the great contradictions in the Western society : class distinction, inequality and incredibility of political leaders who are supposed to work for the benefit of their people and their happiness . They make  unjustified wrong decisions such as preventing headscarf in public schools. All these factors have contributed to the accumulation of a state of anger and resentment among the French people who has found an opportunity to proceed; they have erupted like a volcano that extends to several European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland and Britain.

Western intellectuals and thinkers have voiced their concern over the failure of governments to find solutions to these social problems and just resort to security and military solutions without looking at the essence of the problem. This will threaten the future of the Western civilization, while they acknowledged - according to Western press - that the future is for Muslims who have strong social ties,virtuous ethics and high human ideals. Praise be to Allah for His guidance toward His religion.


* Published in issue (34) of Al-Sadiqeen on the front page issued on 28 Shawwal 1426 AH corresponding to 1 December 2005 AD.


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