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Comments on Tsunami Hurricane

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Comments on Tsunami Hurricane

His Eminence the Sheikh  met on Saturday the 19th of Dhu al-Iqdah a group of residents of the township of Nahrawan and the members of the Cultural Bureau of Al-Fudala’ Group in the township . The historic status of this area was tackled in the meeting ; it was honored by the Commander of the Believers setting foot on it on his way to fight the dissidents. It contains the grave of the unjustly murdered martyr Abdullah the son of the reverent companion of the Prophet who had been tortured in the cause of Allah, Khabbab ibn al-Arit, the governor appointed by the Commander of the Believers for that area .

His Eminence the Sheikh commented on the earthquake that hit the ocean bottom near Indonesia's Sumatra islands, causing the tsunami hurricane that swept several countries and reaching areas six thousand kilometers away, killing dozens in Somalia and Kenya (83).

His Eminence quoted a German tourist who was injured in the incident in Thailand that he saw by himself the anger of nature and the raging sea, and called upon the super powers not to upset nature. His Eminence commented by saying that if we keep the quotation as it is, it represents a correct lesson because human mishandling of nature, nuclear testing,environmental pollution and global warming lead to disruption of the ecological balance, thus causing such cases to which the human being is the first victim.


We understand from the words of this tourist the real meaning that whenever  man rebels against his Creator and disobey His divine law, the cosmic events will be against him, contrary to obedience to Allah and compliance with His law ((And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied [the messengers], so We seized them for what they were earning)).

The Sheikh went on to say that we should not announce such talk now because the attitude required now is to extend a helping hand to the victims and the affected areas , and such words would increase their pain . However, after the situation is stabilized, we must review and evaluate the previous stage to take lessons and to correct errors.Statistics said that eight thousand foreign tourists, mostly from the United States and Sweden , are missing in the event and there is no doubt that abomination and disobedience by those persons,with cooperation of the people of those countries,have caused the disaster to occur.


*In an interview with Grand Ayatollah Shaykh al-Yaqoubi (May Allah safeguard him) with the residents of Nahrawan, published on page 2 of issue No. 12 of Al-Sadiqeen on 2 Dhu Al-Hijja 1425 AH, corresponding to January 13, 2005 AD.

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