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For each one has successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah

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For each one has successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah([1]) (Ar-Ra’ad:11).


          Taakib (feedback): is what comes something, comes something else after and follow it like: the feedback of a praying by prayers and Dhikr that what comes after straightly. The grandsons and offspring of a father called as feedback because they rehearse him. God says "There is none to reverse his judgment" (Ar-Ra'ad: 41). There is no one who has the right of review and the revision of God's judgment, or in his action, or stands against him or repeals him. It's a qualified and predicted phrase about this reality. At the same time, it forbids the process of searching the problems legislation and takes its feasibility and wisdom if there is no reply to forbid getting into the destiny or the divinity.

          Successions are when a thing successive after another like the succession of the day and night. Successions ([2]) here in this verse, it means angels which means they switch for saving the human ('Muaqibat' is in the plural, in singular 'Muaqiba'). It means a group who are come after the first group or in another meaning (Moaqib) it means like a mark, traveler or a searcher.

          The verse elaborates to us about a missing fact and we cannot recognize it by our eyes or in our sensations because it is from the unknown world. It considers as one of God's graces on us that nobody knows about. God has for every person angels that protect him by God's commandment every time that spent the runoff the Sunna of the prophet laws. Those control the world that impacts it as well as, God prevails his mercy on his human which by his order (O what precedes his mercy, his wrath).

          What once quoted of Imam Ali, that he was sitting next to a wall that is about to fall. He stood up and moved away in order not to fall on him. The told him O the prince of true believers: "are you running from God's judgment?". He replied, "Running from God's judgment to his destiny bless be on his name" ([3]). 

          God sat and developed ultimate laws that move the universe such as falling from a very high place to the ground breaks the bones to death or such as drowning in the water and suffocated to death unless takes preventative measure against that or to abstain from doing these actions. The laws affecting are by God and his destiny is accessing the reasons of running those laws and human. He is the one who chooses this path or another, then God will provide him with whatever he wants according to chosen providence by himself.

          In the novel about Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon them) explaining the words of the Almighty Allah "who protect him by the decree of Allah". Imam Al-Baqir says "By God, if someone fell into a well or fell a wall on him or something happened to him until the fate comes that the two angels who succession and protect him at night and at the day leave him between the fate and himself". According to the Hadith of Imam Ali in the 'Nahjul A;-Balagha" and to Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon them) that "With every man, there are two angels protect him, but when the fate comes, they leave him with it".

          Paying attention should be on moral conservation – so to speak- that because of the angels that clipboard to call an act of obedience, decorate it and encourage the human in it, avoidance of sin and to be hatred for the human and that's what called conciliation and gentle of the God. God conducted on the hands of his angels. A matter can be more than that to create him a subject of the obedience that's make him meet with a person in need to help him or to let him come to a place to listen to a useful sermon which benefits him or to go to a certain place when he feels something inside of him to change his direction. Nevertheless, he found himself increased with a good deed or avoiding a bad deed. In return, avoiding him sins and standing between him and the sins or founding obstacles from doing it. Even though he did it, angels prevent themselves from having repercussion or bad impacts on him.

          The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "The believer has twenty-seven covers. When he sins, one cover of them uncovers him. If he resents, Allah returns it to him with seventy covers with it'. If he refused and proceeds in delusions all of his covers uncover and remain with no covers and God send his angels to cover him with their wings" ([5]).

          Those angels are entrusted by God for protecting the human from the running of the natural laws where Allah deposited it in the universe on the contrast to his interests and his goodness. By God, a human cannot confront by himself the changeability of the universe, its incidents, its events and the impacted factors in it. All of which happened by God.

          We can exclude from this verse two important studies in the life of the human being:

1.      A reassurance from God that with everyman has succession protects him about things that he doesn't like and not good for him. There are no worries or fears or terrified concerns about far and near future. This type of anxious that the western people are suffering from despite the fact that they live with a sophisticated and blessed life. All of which, they resort to suicide to get rid of the concerns and fears. If they turned back and look at the Koranic reality, they will feel in tranquility because there is a merciful, compassionate, caregiver and approachable God.

2.      In this verse, it is recognition for the human from his God by making him as an implementation tool of the rehabilitation process and achieving happiness which God need from him. It calls for taking responsibilities of changes by himself and never let the matter for external factors to act in the human and ends up with results that are out of his control because God mandated the angels to prevent those effects. The man is considered to be the rational creator and chooses a role for this operation that could perpetuate the works of the protected angels. To make that happens, for instance, he needs to insist and keep the prayers like make donations and he will be paying the scourge, or establishing useful institutions, or spreading the fruitful knowledge, or morality, or doing the good works to expiate his sins that bring him the misfortune. This will obstacle the works of the protected angels and may lift their hands off of him as if he cut ties with everyone that leads shorten his age or committed sins that bring scourges or robbing the graces or locking up the prayers etc. According to the holy verses of the Quran, if he leaves the propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice, it will bring evils.

          According to the holy verse of the Quran," Verily God does not change the state of people till they change themselves" (Ar-Ra'd:11). The successions' work is incomplete, unconditional and unlimited, but absolute to all people to a certain amount. Then can be conditional by selecting a human in order not to equate the good and bad abused people till the traces of who are doing good and bad people and effected on their entity and existence in 'Majma' al-Bayan' of Imam Ali (PBUH) in elaborating a verse he said" there are angels in succession protect him from dooms till they end him up with fates, then they leave him between fates". In these facts, he replied on what others say about the historical inevitability, algebra and some other negatives theories for the role of the human in the change.

          The Guardian Angels Festival in Catholic:

It should be recalled that the Catholic Christian celebrate on October 20th a festival called The Guardian Angels. Websites quoted about the pope of the Vatican, Francis, his words in the Mass, in the small church attached to the headquarters of his residence in the Vatican. He said: "there are Guardian Angels, the special creed of the angels are not fabricated, but are real. According to the traditions of the church, we are all having angels with us to protect us and help us to understand things". He added:" No one can cut the journey of the life alone. We have not to believe that we are alone". He wondered explaining this fact " how many times we heard: 'I have to do this not to do that and those are not right, be warned. We heard this frequently. It is the voice of our angel that escorts us."

           According to his words, he referred to the entrance of choosing the human in this fact" the potentialities of taking wrong decisions become less among those people that listen to their advisories". Skeptical was suggested to ask 'How is the relationship with my guardian angel? Do I hear him? Do I say good morning to him? Do I ask him to guard me during my sleep?' these questions are coming from the level of the relationship between his God and the angels.

          He believed that he could replay indirectly on those who alarmingly in the harrowing incidence to the extents they denounce the existence of those guardian angels or deploring the existence of the God. The perfect example of that, the Pope Benedict XVI insisted on deploring the existence of the angels which are chanting during the Christmas.

          The second example is Justin Welby, the senior of the Canterbury Archbishop who leads 80 million people belong to the Anglicanism in the world. He revealed in an interview ([6]), with the BBC journalist Lucy Tegg, that "he doubts the existence of the God and wondering why the Almighty does not interfere to prevent the injustice". He told a story about when he was running with his dog in the morning lately and he said "before days I was praying during the running then I ended up speaking with the God: Look! That is all a good thing, isn't it about to do something if you still exist?" However, he confessed and said: "We cannot solve those matters in this world. We cannot interpret what regards to the suffering. We cannot interpret a lot of things." When he asked about what to do in facing life's challenges? He claimed that: "He prays the Christ as he picks him up". We believe that his doubts came from his concerns, the horror that reign the Western after the emboldened terrorists and engaged with its thousands of their citizens. This will make a threat to their countries."

          I say: the Quran has solved all of these problems and answers all of these questions because the guardian angels exist and do their job for all. The human by his wrong choices stop their help for him, in a specific level by his sins and drag afflictions to himself. In spite of what God forgive him from those sins.

          God says" Whatever misfortune befalls you is a consequence of your deeds, yet He forgives much." (Ash-Shuraa: 30). Our test in this life should be carry on and the rewards will go according to what you did, whether you did wrong or right or there'd be the equality between them the eyes of the injustice. Examples of their reality, competitions take place on the World Cup, countries win and other lose and their fans feel sad and cry, in addition to that, some extremist suicide. Is right to say that from the injustice to be silent on those pains? And we have to give the tournament's cup for all the countries in order not to let other feels in pain?

          The same thing happens to the college students and schools; however, there is no rational call for equality of all? And giving them degrees of success for the sake of not letting them feel in pain? This is what hidden on the senior of the Canterbury Archbishop. Therefore, the Pope of the Vatican asked the people to follow the advice of the guardian angels.


([1]) a word delivered by Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi ton Friday, On October 10th, 2014, Synchronizing with the Catholic Christian festival during the Guardian Angels Festival.

([2]) that is what we wanted to say from faces of interpretation of the verse. It means also those angels can trace the human and protect him from everything even though if he is near to the passing thoughts of opinions, far from the regards of eyes. The conscience will return to him and God says: "from the command of Allah". It related to the succession not to whom who (guard him) because the word (protect him) will be like the explanatory statement, otherwise the word 'succession' is sufficient to demonstrate this meaning. This meaning might be a better suited according to the context of the verses and unified the reference of the consciences "Everything with him is (due) to proportion. He is the knower of the known and the unknown, the mighty and the Highest. It is the same (to him) whether any of you conceal his speech or declares it openly, whether he hides by night or goes forth freely by day. For his (each person), there are angels in succession, before and behind him. They guard him by the command of Allah." (Arr-Ra'd: 8-11). This meaning has been mentioned in other verses like what God says: "surely there are guardians over you, illustrious scribes, who know what you do". (Al-Infitar: 10-12). He said: "He has power over His creatures, and appoints guardians to watch over them". (Al-An'am: 61). He said: "For your Lord keeps a watch over everything." (Saba': 21). Angels are described that they are "They did not precede Him in their speech, and acted on His command." (Al-'Anbbya': 27).

([3]) 'Tawheed Al-Sodooq' page 369

([4]) Review it in 'Tafseer Al-Borhan' 194/5

([5]) 'Behar Al-Anwar' 36/73

([6]) the meeting published on the websites in September 2014.